Monday, January 17, 2011

The Reggie Moore Saga

As many of you have heard, Cougar point guard Reggie Moore was cited last month for possession of marijuana. And has been suspended indefinitely by Coach Ken Bone. It wasn’t the amount of Mary Jane that got two Cougar Football players kicked off the team earlier in the year, but Moore's actions demand some reprimand.

Is carrying weed the worst thing a college kid could do? No, it could be much worse. Reggie’s escapades are child’s play (pun intended) compared to what’s going on in Seattle. My beef with the whole situation is how it’s being handled by Coach Ken Bone.

I just don’t understand how this incident occurred in December, was announced last week... Then wasn't dealt with UNTIL several games later.

Maybe this is the kind of situation that will bring the team together. Junior forward Abe Lodwick was quoted at the end of the Stanford game, a game the Cougs won on the road, as saying that this team is bigger than just one person.

We don’t know how long "indefinitely" is going to be, but the Cougs have three tough home games on the horizon against ASU, Arizona and Washington. WSU has shown flashes of potential, and also flashbacks to last season (when it couldn't finish games).

Wazzu might have taken the next step in becoming an NCAA tournament type team with the win over Stanford, but in order for the process to be completed, this team needs Reggie Moore to return and make solid decisions, both on and off the court.

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