Monday, September 14, 2009

Wulff’s Reign Rides Upon this Weekend

The Paul Wulff era of WSU football likely rides upon the outcome of this weekend’s game against Southern Methodist University.A win might buy Wulff more time to rebuild his reeling program. But a loss, to an opponent still recovering from the NCAA "death penalty," would all but ensure a winless second season for the beleaguered Cougar coach, and the subsequent termination of his contract.

The 2-11 squad of yester-year, Wulff's first team at WSU, was blown out by 30 or more points seven times and became so generally pitiful it even held open-tryouts for someone to play quarterback -- unheard of at a Pac-10 school -- after the first and second-string quarterbacks went down in the same game.

This season, which has begun with two blow-out losses, seems to be headed in the same direction. In both games, it was the defense that fell short, allowing an average 38.5 points per game. The offense, a more modest 16.5 points per game, will have to put up Heisman numbers to keep the Cougs in games, though it's a definite improvement from last year's squad which amassed, in one game, just seven yards rushing.

With plenty of three-and-out offensive series to come, punter Reid Forrest, who Saturday reached 5,507 career yards, ninth most in WSU history, appears to have job security. But for how much longer will Wulff be assured a position with the team?

If the Cougs don’t win this Saturday, after the season, it may be athletic director Jim Sterk who is doing the punting.


  1. I agree that this weekend will determine the fate of cougar football, but i believe Wulf deserves more than two years at WSU. It takes time to recruit high umm excuse me mid level talent and develope it in your system. This last Freshmen class looks to be a good starting point, but unfortunatly it will take atleast two more years or more for even the starting freshmen such as Gino Simone and Travis Long to become the high profile Pac-10 players they are capable of being.

  2. Justin -- I don't know if Wulff's really cut out for the job, though. I don't understand why Cougar fans weren't content with 5-to-7 win seasons. We fired Doba and hired Wulff? Why? At least before him we were around the .500 mark. Now we'll be lucky to win one game. What did UW do when they didn't win a single game? They fired their coach and replaced him with someone who was qualified. If we don't beat SMU, we're not going to win a single game, and Wulff may need to pack his bags.

  3. yea i was content with 5-7 seasons with Doba, but now he is gone. Don't blame Wulff blame Jim Sterk who Fired Doba and put Wulff in his current predicament. Also, why did Sterk let Virginia talk with Tony Bennet? Maybe its for the best. I think Bone will be a good coach, but only time will tell. Remember Dick Bennet? True he was a proven coach out of Wisconsin when we hired him, but he built a program in The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Furthermore; it took the Bennets three years to show a huge improvement on the court thanks mostly to the first recruiting class maturing into upper classmen in the same system. I know this is basketball, but even Paul Wulff has had success at another program in Eastern. Yes its a lower division, but he has shown the ability to turn a program around. I dont ask you to like him, but atleast give him and his recruits a chance at maturing in thier program and system. If you want to point a finger, point it at Jim Sterk. Maybe he is the one we should give the boot!

  4. Jim Sterk does what the public demands in order to keep his job. That's why Doba's gone, that's why Wulff may be soon, and that's even why the Apple Cup isn't moving to Qwest. Wulff's sophomore season looks even less promising than his rookie season; not a good sign. Why wouldn't Sterk let Bennett talk to UVa? It's better than forcing Bennett to stay in a program he doesn't want to be a part of. Even Jeshua Anderson is tired of Wulff! :D